Strip Information
BookLucky Star volume 5
Chapter134 - Loved One
Page Number045
Original ReleaseComptiq, August 2007
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Next StripStamp Your Little Foot


This strip begins as Kagami is just about to leave her classroom. She is stopped by Misao, who calls out asking, that if Kagami's going out, if she could pick her up something to drink. Kagami is irritated slightly, saying that Misao should go get it herself. Defending herself, Misao suggest that they then play Rock, Paper, Scissors to decide who should go out to get the items they both want. Kagami wins, and tells Misao that she should stop telling others to go get her things and just get them herself. Misao then tries to reverse the situation by saying then that the winner was suppose to go get the items. Kagami is irritated, rhetorically asking Misao if they're six years old.




  • Rock, Paper, Scissors (known in Japan as Jan, Ken, Pon) is a very popular way to settle small or petty decisions in Japan.


  • "What? Are we six years old or something?!" ~Kagami Hiiragi (On Misao's childish behavior)