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Delicate Line
Konata and Gang Episode23.jpg
Konata, Hiyori, and Patricia getting dirty looks from the others.
Episode 23
Air Date September 2, 2007
Previous Episode The Yonder Here
Next Episode To Be Decided
Lucky Star Episode

Delicate Line is the twenty-third episode of the Lucky Star anime.


Main Story

Konata and Yutaka get sick at the same time, but while Yutaka can only rest in bed, Konata plays video games and is mainly using her sickness as an excuse to get out of class. When Minami, Patricia, and Hiyori come to visit Yutaka, Yui reveals that Yutaka has been talking about Minami a lot, but Yui reveals nothing about Yutaka saying anything about either Patricia or Hiyori. After Miyuki hears about gum that will help prevent cavities, she tries a piece, but inadvertently causes an old cavity filling to fall out, resulting her in having to go back to dentist's office. Later, Minami gets embarrassed when Miyuki recounts how Konata and her friends compliment her, and then further embarrassed when Yukari Takara tells of a recent time when she saw Minami at the grocery store. The episode ends with Nanako submitting a long journal entry online, but due to her Internet connection not working, she loses her submission and goes to sleep depressed.

Lucky Channel

Gotouza tries to convince Minoru and Akira to work together again, but they are uncooperative. Gotouza eventually manages to get them to agree and rides off on her motorcycle.



  • At Gamers, Konata buys an image CD of Kahlua from Galaxy Angel Rune because she feels "somehow connected to it" - Kahlua is voiced by Konata's voice actress, Aya Hirano. Moments later, Kagami catches sight of a Hyper Blossom image CD from Powerpuff Girls Z. Kagami's voice actress, Emiri Kato, voices Hyper Blossom.