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Energetic Despite Not Being Myself
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Kagami with short hair.
Episode 8
Air Date May 27, 2007
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Energetic Despite Not Being Myself is the eighth episode of the Lucky Star anime.


Main Story

It's time for the athletic festival, and Konata's father is more than ready with his cameras. Kagami is in an eating contest, Konata is in the one-hundred meter dash, Tsukasa has to jump over hurdles, and Miyuki is in a relay race, where she brings the team from third to win the race by using her physical assets (her breasts). Later, Tsukasa is trying to learn a song on the recorder, and doing horribly, until Kagami teaches her not to blow so hard into it. Later, the girls line up for lunch in the school cafeteria, having various conversations. Afterwards, Konata is at a bookstore and trying to decide which manga to buy. She ultimately selects volume five of Shuffle! only to realize that she already owns a copy of that manga to begin with.

Lucky Channel

Akira makes fun of Minoru for being just an assistant, thus unable to gather as many fans as her; she is rudely awakened when she realizes that this time around, he was the only one of the two who has fan mail. Akira represents the team in inviting viewers to vote for the character they want to be made into a live figure.