Follow Up
Strip Information
BookLucky Star volume 5
Chapter134 - Loved One
Page Number047
Original ReleaseComptiq, August 2007
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Misao is still unsettled after Konata's comment in That's How You Are, where Konata described her as a "...boyish fanged..." and the "dumb character." Misao rebuttals Konata's comment by saying that the dumb character is usually pretty cute. Then she comments that that since Ayano's the only one with a boyfriend that her type must come out as the "strongest." After a pause, Konata makes another comment, saying that Misao also fits into the "Kiddy" category as well. Misao is shocked by this and complains to Kagami, and saying that Konata's one to talk. Kagami then comments that Misao is pretty childish.