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Hang in There, Girls
Episode Information
Book Lucky Star volume 3
Chapter Number 66
Original Release Shonen Ace, December 2005
Previous Chapter Free Advice
Next Chapter Brilliant Colors

Hang in There, Girls is the chapter 66 in the 3th volume in Lucky Star Manga

Included Strips

  • pebbles
  • light house
  • indoors
  • attack
  • yes, they're best friends
  • a wide narrow
  • taking it in hand


Anime adaptations


  • "pebbles": In the anime, Minami and Miyuki are absent from the study session.
  • "yes, they're best friends" and "taking it in hand": The scenes take place in Hiyori Tamura's house in the anime, with Patricia Martin and Hiyori reprising Konata and Kagami's respective roles from the manga strips.