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Hikaru Sakuraba (Japanese:桜庭 ひかる Sakuraba Hikaru) is the biology teacher and the homeroom teacher of Kagami's class 3-C.


Besides being a biology teacher, Hikaru Sakuraba is also the captain of the Lucky Star informational ad section, which was renamed "Lucky Paradise". She is feared by Akira at first, but Akira later calls Hikaru a betrayer. She likes CalorieMate and sleeping, and dislikes vegetables and people who quickly misunderstand things. She is Fuyuki's good friend, who works as a school nurse. She appears briefly in episode twenty-four of the anime, making sure that Akira and Minoru will do things right, who are in bad terms after the event of episode twenty-one of Lucky Channel. Kagami Hiiragi, Misao Kusakabe, and Ayano Minegishi are in Sakuraba's class for all three of their High school years.

Hikaru is also the Faculty Advisor for both the Biology and Animation Research Club. It has also been said that one of her weak points is Home Economics.

Hiyori mentions in her notes that "She's easy to talk to, but sometimes her blunt statements will stab you in the heart."

In the fifth volume of the manga, Hikaru was featured in a few of the strips included. It is made apparent that Hikaru has parents who are pressuring her to marry soon, much like Nanako Kuroi's parents. However, it is also revealed in Temperament (where she also jokingly proposed to Fuyuki) that she is no hurry to do so, as "men don't seem anxious to look after me in the way I need."


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  • "...You know I think more cute clothes would look really look good on you, Sensei. You already have the short-cute thing going, so it's really a waste!" -by Kō Yasaka, The Grass is Brown on Both Sides.