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Hiyori Tamura's Human Files are a mini-series that takes place during the first half of volume 4 of the Lucky Star Manga.


"Hiyori's Notes", as they may be called by fans, are one-paged descriptions of various characters on the Lucky Star cast. Included in each of them are many (more or less) technical facts including birthday, blood type, and "Bust-Size Rank." After these facts is Hiyori's Memo which includes more generalized notes about the character in question.


The sections on each page:

  • Gender
  • Place of Birth
  • Birthday
  • Blood Type
  • Star Sign
  • Present Rank
  • Handedness
  • Bust-Size Rank
  • Family & Position
  • Hobbies
  • Likes
  • Dislikes
  • Favorite colors
  • Special skills
  • Weak points
  • Clubs
  • Class Rep
  • Hiyori's notes

Characters featured

So far the following characters have been featured so far (in order):

  1. Konata Izumi
  2. Tsukasa Hiiragi
  3. Kagami Hiiragi
  4. Miyuki Takara
  5. Misao Kusakabe
  6. Ayano Minegishi
  7. Kou Yasaka
  8. Yutaka Kobayakawa
  9. Minami Iwasaki
  10. Hiyori Tamura
  11. Patricia Martin
  12. Nanako Kuroi
  13. Hikaru Sakuraba
  14. Fuyuki Amahara
  15. Yui Narumi
  16. Soujiro Izumi
  17. Yukari Takara
  18. Akira Kogami


  • Out of all the entries Soujiro's is the only one to feature a male character.
  • Hiyori's entry, while likely writen in part by Hiyori herself, features a copious amount of comments made by other cast members. These character's include: Kou Yasaka, Konata Izumi, and (humorously) Kagami Hiiragi