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Honoka Iwasaki is a minor character in the Lucky Star series. She is the mother of Minami Iwasaki.

Appearance and personality

Honoka appears similar to her daughter Minami; as they both possess mint green hair, blue eyes, and similar features. Like her daughter, Honoka's personality is more reserved compared to her friends (notably, Miyuki's mother, Yukari Takara). However, she doesn't extend to the reservedness her daughter's does. Other than this she seems much like the other mothers known in the series, and as such carries much the same motherly tone present in all of them.


Honoka is the mother in a wealthy family who lives across the street from the Takara Family. She seems to be a stay-at-home mother much like Yukari Takara, however she may have an unspecified occupation. Unfortunately, not much else is known about Honoka as she has appeared very little in either the anime (one appearance) or the Manga.