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Konata Episode7.jpg
Konata under the influence of Marimite.
Episode 7
Air Date May 20, 2007
Previous Episode Fixtures of Summer
Next Episode Energetic Despite Not Being Myself
Lucky Star Episode

Image is the seventh episode in the Lucky Star anime.

Plot Summary

Main Story

The girls return to school after summer vacation and find that Konata is under the influence of Marimite. Tsukasa and Miyuki have a conversation about the dentist and return trips to said dentist. Konata refers to Minoru as "Sebastian" because he was acting like a butler by collecting homework for Ms. Kuroi. Konata also finds out from Tsukasa that Kagami takes liberal arts just to be in the same class with everyone else and Konata makes fun of her for it. Yui comes to visit and Konata needs help with her summer homework but she would probably have to redo it over again if she gets help from Yui. Miyuki attends school for a day without her glasses and Tsukasa gets a new cell phone, but its life is tragically cut short after a trip in the washing machine. Konata's dad is also trying to call her, but she has left her phone in her room. They get on the topic of what side the head of a Chocolate Cornet would be again and how Kagami was not pleased with the results of the diet she went on to make up for the weight she gained in the summer. Konata and the Hiiragi twins are on a bus and Kagami talks about how there has been frequent junk mail lately and Konata explains that she uses an address that is hard to guess. She uses an address called "iluvgirlswithglasses" and this creates an awkward moment for everyone on the bus.

Lucky Channel

In Lucky Channel, Minoru follows up on a fan's request for a certain hairstyle involving sunflowers. Akira is sulky right from the start and continues in her bad mood, until near the end of the section.


  • The episode marked the first time Miyuki showed up without her glasses.
  • Tsukasa's cellphone strap is a Keroro Gunso doll. Her ringtone also uses Johan Pachelbel's "Canon".
  • Konata's ring tone is Hare Hare Yukai. The ending song to The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya season 1.
  • Konata calling Minoru "Sebastian" is a reference to the manga and anime "Black Butler"