Lucky Star: Net Idol Meister

Lucky Star PSP

PlayStation Portable
Kadokawa Shoten
Kadokawa Shoten
Release Date
December 24, 2009
CERO: Ages 12 and over

Lucky Star: Net Idol Meister (らき☆すた ネットアイドル・マイスター) is a Lucky Star video game that was released only in Japan for the PlayStation Portable on December 24, 2009.

It is a simulation game where the player's character(s) train to be an idol from Animate by playing mini-games and varying quizzes. In the beginning Konata Izumi is the only playable character available, but more characters and other content is acquired as the player progress.


Playable characters




  • Main Characters (Konata, Kagami, Tsukasa, and Miyuki)
  • U-18 (Konata, Kagami, Tsukasa, Miyuki, Misao, Ayano, Kō, Yamato, Yutaka, Minami, Hiyori, Patty, Akira, Hikage, Hinata)
  • Yutaka and Minami
  • Hikaru and Akira
  • Adult Only (Sōjirō Izumi, Yukari Takara, and Minami's Mother)
  • Cherry

Non-playable characters


The player can play minigames (see 'Locations' section).

There are many places in the different locations that have certain functions and sometimes need Animate Points to unlock:

  • Audition Spots - Where the player can apply for auditions and increase fanbase.
  • Training Spots - Where the player can increase the Idol Level.
  • Special - Reflex games that can increase the players Animate Points.
  • Wagon Sale - Where the player can buy items and unlock locations. Accessed in Akiba.

There are three endings:

  • Normal (Bad Ending) - Passing or flopping the final audition with less than 200,000,000 fans or low Idol Level.
  • Net-Idol Seiyuu (Good Ending) - Passing the final audition with 200,000,000 or more fans and low Idol Level.
  • Meister (Best Ending) - Passing the final audition with 50,000,000,000 or more fans and a maxed-out Idol Level (level 10). You'll get a special promotional video and greater chance at unlocking characters.


  • Konata's Town (こなたの街) - The main location, where the player can view unlocked content and start a new idol career. During the career, the train station is used to travel to other places.
  • Akiba (アキバ) - The first area available. At first it only has a wagon sale in Animate and the mini games Voice Training (training) and Omikoshi Wasshoi (event), but later three local auditions (quizzes) become available.
  • Bukuro (ブクロ) - Contains three local auditions and the mini games Gravure Shooting (training) in the karaoke and Handshake Meeting (event) in Bukuro Hills. Also, a guardian can be hired in the park to protect the idol from fans. Unlocked by passing the first audition.
  • Net (ネット) - Contains three local auditions in Waku Waku Douga, Geagle, and Gehoo?. The mini games available are Dance Lesson (training) in, Blog Ablaze (event) in a blog, and Mega Kona-tan in Animate.

Mini games

  • Voice Training (ボイストレーニング) - Press the buttons in the order that they appear. Speed increases every 10 buttons.
  • Gravure Shooting (グラビア撮影) - Rapidly press the buttons that are highlighted to take photos.
  • Dance Lesson (ダンスレッスン) - Press the buttons in the same order shown.
  • Omikoshi Wasshoi (お神輿わっしょい) - Press Left, Up, Triangle, and Circle to gather people.
  • Blog Ablaze - (ブログ炎上) - Press the button sequence.
  • Handshake Meeting (握手会) - Greet the fans.
  • Mega Kona-tan (メガコナタン) - Mega Kona-tan must defeat Metal Miyuki by jumping on Waku Waku Douga comments to fall on her from a high height. Mega Kona-tan loses energy when jumping, so she must pick up 良 cans to refill her health. When playing this game in the Net, Konata will do the sound effects.
  • Fan Runaway (ファン暴走) - Escape from fans by avoiding obstacles until the goal.

Gallery - Gameplay Screenshots


PSP Lucky Star Net Idol Meister らき☆すた ネットアイドル・マイスター PV

PSP Lucky Star Net Idol Meister らき☆すた ネットアイドル・マイスター PV

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