Episode 10 of Miyakawa-ke no Kufuku aired on July 1st 2013.


At night, Hinata feels hot and asks Hikage to turn on the air conditioner, but gets responded that she's not giving in to luxury. Hearing this, Hinata suggests to keep cool by having ghost stories. In the end, Hikage ends up clinging to Hinata in fear.

The next night, Hinata comes home late and Hikage wonders. She couldn't enter the bathroom as she is still haunted by her sister's ghost stories. Then she hears dripping sounds and wonders if she didn't close the tap and this scares her further.

The next night again, Hinata calls Hikage that she'll be home late and tells her to go to bed first. Hikage then thinks of a plan to scare Hinata. When Hinata creeps into the room with two mangas quietly, Hikage suddenly speaks to her that she was being careful for a reason. Hinata corrects hastily that these books are sold for a month every year and she couldn't help herself.

Again, it's a very hot night and Hinata requests Hikage to turn on the air conditioner again, but is refused again and Hinata cries. Hikage comforts her by having a game of Shiritori and convinces her that thinking the next word will make her sleepy. Hinata agrees, but all the while they talk about meat in the game causing their stomachs to growl and go to sleep.

The next morning, Hinata calls Hikage for breakfast and Hikage is shocked to discover that her breakfast are all steaks. Hinata just tells her to eat. Hikage has just taken a bite on the steak when the scene switches to her munching on her blanket, making her realize that she was dreaming. At that moment, Hinata calls Hikage for breakfast and discovers that hamburger steak was her meal. As she pinches herself to ensure she wasn't dreaming, Hinata asks her why. Hinata explains that she kept mumbling "meat" in her sleep and she made it but apologizes as it was a tofu steak, but Hikage replies that she's happy with anything Hinata makes and they start eating. In the end, Hikage thanks Hinata.



in this episode this replay after the last Miyakawa radio program

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