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Air Date May 6, 2013
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Lucky Star Episode

The second episode of Miyakawa-ke no Kufuku was released on May 6th 2013.


Hikage watches an episode of Lucky channel, where Akira is hosting a lottery. This makes Hikage thought about the lottery and her favorite stuff.

At a convenience store, Hikage stares at a slot machine and wonders if it's alright to spend money on a dream, but then looks at the price and walks off.

At school, Hikage's classmates are talking about the recent price increase of items. Hikage pretends not to hear, but then complains about the current situation.

Later, Hikage's class teacher Kazuhiko Osawa announces the breakdown of the cost of next year's field trip. Hikage gets shocked to see the price of the trip fee. As Hikage returns, Kazuhiko asks her what's wrong, but Hikage excuses him and walks home.

Back at home, Hikage thinks that she has never done something manga-like and throws the trip announcement paper, but was soon discovered by Hinata. Hinata scolds her and tells her that she would find a way to work it out, and adds that a younger sister isn't supposed to hold back from an elder sister. Hikage cries, apologizes and thanks her sister before requesting for meat for her upcoming sports competition. Hinata says that it's not going to happen and explains that if Hikage could be more selfish, she didn't say that she wasn't able to grant everything, displeasing Hikage.

During the ending sequence, the music cuts again when Hikage finishes singing the second verse. Hinata then says that this was all they get after scraping together in a week. As Hikage asks when will the song be complete, Hinata says she'll work harder, but Hikage puts the responsibility to the higher-ups. When Hinata says that this was "adult circumstance", Hikage eventually blames onto their poverty.


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