The third episode of Miyakawa-ke no Kufuku was released on May 13th 2013.


At night, Hikage reads the lottery results and finds herself to win first prize for the lottery, which she actually didn't. Upon going to bed, Hikage repents that she might have won it by mustering her courage to buy one and complains that it might be a vision.

The next day, the news reported about a monkey attack for food and this makes Hikage hate the monkeys. At Hikage's school, Kazuhiko reminds his students about the trip next week, and announces that they'll be getting 300 yen for snacks. This causes the whole class to complain, with Hikage agreeing that they won't be able to spend it all.

Back at home, Hikage finds that her notebook has finished and searches for a new one, hoping that her sister had a lot. She finds one and requests permission from her sister, but was rejected and Hinata says that it cannot be used because it will lower its selling price once used. As Hikage asks why Hinata has to buy something not to be used, Hinata explains that the pleasure is derived by owning and looking at it. Hikage doesn't understand and Hinata tries to think of a way to make her understand, entering a 10-second silence. Hikage tells her not to force herself to come up with an example.

Hinata stands in front of their house's mailbox and Hikage asks her why. Hinata says that a package was supposed to be here. Hikage then says that she took the package in and explains that she returned it, since they have a copy. Hinata, surprised, says that this was the second one. As Hikage questions why, Hinata continues that the first copy is for looking at, the second one for keeping and the third for spreading the gospel. A bewildered Hikage reminds that they have a master copy, confusing Hinata.

The ending song eventually goes on until the fourth verse, causing Hikage to complain that they almost made it to the climax of the song. While Hinata says that the suspense was intense, Hikage objects that in the past, it was new to write "Under Construction" to fool everyone and wonders whether the broadcast is better than that. Hinata praises her for knowing hardcore stuff but Hikage's response was that she was unknowingly influenced by her hobby. While Hinata compliments it's a good thing, Hinata demands a normal anime.



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