The 4th Episode of Miyakawa-ke no Kufuku was aired on 20th May 2013.


Kazuhiko examines his students' future occupations when he stumbles upon Hikage's sheet, which she primarily wants to be a politician. He sees Hikage and wishes her that Japan's future is on her hands. Hikage asks back that if he wants to take advantage of his rights and privileges. Kazuhiko, surprised, says that there are so many splendid politicians around and thinks that Hikage's critical in things she's interested.

At the lottery machine, Hikage considers buying a lottery ticket as a monthly treat but thinks that reality isn't kind. Concerning the numbers, she decides to go with different numbers once in a while, but remembers what happened to her lottery result long ago, opting her to use the same numbers all the while. While opening her wallet, she suddenly remembers that she has just bought stationery and she doesn't have enough to spare and cancels her plan. Then, she complains about the wrong coincidence in lottery.

Hikage watches a food documentary where the host is tasting Korean beef ribs. Hikage gets starving watching it and plays a game to distract her hunger. Unfortunately, the game's bonuses are all meat and this screws Hikage.

At school, Hikage greets her best friends and finds out that they were talking about the recent game released. Hinata pretends not to know when asked by Yukina, but gets agitated by Daisuke who taunts her about her poverty.

Later, Hikage gets into a fight and was accused of stealing the money, but was later proven innocent as the money was found. She overhears the conversation that the student who took the money was at fault, so they were punished.

On their way home, Hinata wonders why Hikage would get into the situation. Hikage, who still doesn't understand, explains that there are parents that can pay but some don't, and says that Hinata has worked the hardest to let her pay the school lunches and that they're making a fool out of her. Understanding what she meant, Hinata treats her into eating out, but making Hikage saying that this will lead into unnecessary spending.

The ending sequence goes on well until the 5th verse, and Hinata explains that this was due to the increasing calories for work. Hikage argues back that it has to be done with the animator instead of the composer. Hinata continues that it's harder to animate a dance than everyone thinks. While Hikage complains that is has been turned into a completely different excuse, Hinata assures the audience to hang in there until the song is completed.


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