The 5th Episode of Miyakawa-ke no Kufuku was broadcasted on May 27th 2013.


As school ends, Kazuhiko tells his students to hand in their journal entries. Again he stumbles upon Hikage's journal as it was detailed and praises her when handing back the journals. Hikage then laments about the trends when poor people shouldn't come into money at this time.

Yukina thanks the parents for sending food before proceeding to her lunch with her friends. Erika then comments about Hikage's eating style and she replies that she can taste the happiness. Yukina then says that she could even enter an eating contest, but Hikage replies that one needs to be physically conditioned before asking whether it's called "Brown fat cells" and explains that the amount one eats depends on how much the stomach can hold and that people who eat a lot have stomachs that can expand a lot, but complains that it's only for people who eat on a regular basis. She adds that training the stomach with water is bad for health and in the end, that's the unfair system gluttony runs on.

Later, Hikage goes to help Kazuhiko and wonders why boys aren't helping him. Kazuhiko explains that they won't help him and presents Hikage a package of sweets given by his colleague, Itako-sensei as a reward.

At a comic shop, Meito Anizawa was showing off his poses to Hinata and at the same time rewarding Hinata amusement park tickets for her hard work. He then notices Konata and Kagami buying Legend, with Kagami persuading Konata to hurry. This makes Meito to get Konata's attention.

konata and kagami in animate store

Back at home, Hinata shows off her tickets to Hikage. Initially, they were cheered, but then think about their expenses, adding the fact that the amusement park was far away. Hinata assures Hikage that she'll cut down their spenditure on mangas and games, but a dismayed Hikage states that she's like robbing Hinata's fun. Hinata still assures Hikage that they'll be having a different sort of fun by spending time together, and this eventually cheers Hikage.

Until almost the end of the song, it's unfinished. Hikage says that now she's focusing to the goal instead of the interest. Hinata says that experiencing it is half the fun while Hikage complains that they're forced to dance, with Hinata assuring that they really are dancing.


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