Episode 8 of Miyakawa-ke no Kufuku aired on June 17th 2013.


Marina enters to find Kazuhiko telling her about stories that students ask new teachers about someting they like. Marina replies with an "Ah" and says that it's more common for male students to ask female teachers, prompting him to overthink.

In class, Daisuke tells another classmate about the expired yakiniku sauce, then taunts Hikage about keeping the sauce until the expiration date. Hikage denies, but Daisuke continues that she'll be saying the wasteful phrase. Hikage monologues that it doesn't happen and they would never get a chance to use it in first place.

Yukina notices that Hikage is in good mood and Hikage explains that she's having a feast and that she never tried it before and says that she missed out the cultural event some time ago. Erika is surprised, so Hikage explains that they're having a special promotion, with Erika questioning whether it's terrible.

At a restaurant, Hikage munches on a burger and couldn't resist the taste.

Then, Hikage tells that due to the extreme spenditure, she had to live off beansprouts, and Erika assures that money isn't spent. Yukina then talks about a special TV show about beansprouts. Hikage says that she watches it, too but the recipes call for meat.

When Hikage visits the convenience store, she is shocked to discover that the beansprouts had sold out quick, and puts the blame onto the TV show. She urges everyone not to waste on the beansprouts and soon they'll grow tired of it.

During dismissal, Kazuhiko notices Hikage sighing again and questions her, which she replies about the beansprouts, then leaves hurriedly.

At home, Hikage cooks bread crust pizza. Hinata praises her and says that she's no match to her in housework and that it will save on their expenses, but is cut back by Hikage saying that she should've managed her food expenses properly.

Next morning, Hikage finds out that her friends are talking about child-care allowances, and Daisuke taunts if it helped her family before being cut by Erika. Hikage responds that they're probably getting a whole lot on this but thinks that it's rather be split, half which should provide for school lunches and gym uniforms, prompting her friends to think that she still hasn't gotten over about the school lunch incident.



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