The 9th Episode of Miyakawa-ke no Kufuku aired on June 24th 2013.


Daisuke tells his friends about an abandoned cat which he and his sister found on his way home yesterday and continues that she was so insistant about it that he didn't know what to do and told her that his family doesn't allow pets. Erika has a desire to see it, but tells that her family doesn't allow pets. Hikage feels sorry, but thinks it wasn't a good idea.

At the park, Hikage encounters the cat and takes it back to play with it and thinks that Hinata might say "No". Hinata returns, and just as Hikage explains to her about the cat, Hinata mistakes her as abducting the cat and refuses, but as Hikage explains the truth, Hinata said that she really wanted her to keep it, but their apartment has rules that pets are prohibited.

Next day at school, Hikage tells her friends what had happened. Yukina then stated that it's difficult for her, since she already has a dog, and Erika says that her family doesn't allow either.

When Hikage returns, Kazuhiko was about to call her, but escapes when he thinks about the embarassing moment. He moans in the office for being a bad teacher while Marina comforts him and tells him that she'll ask Hikage about it.

The next day, Daisuke tells Hikage that he decides to keep the cat because his parents changed the decision because his sister wouldn't stop talking about it, and this cheers Hikage. Then she requests Daisuke to let her and her friends to visit for the cat regularly. This makes him hesitate, but still allows them.

At home, Hikage tells Hinata about the good news, and when Hinata says that this is good news, she says "Boys are so cute!".

At night, Hikage is again shocked when she sees Hinata buying two Comptiq magazines and saying that she's cutting back on stationery. Hikage calms her that she can use the stationery which comes with the magazines and that there are some which she can't use, with Hikage saying it's embarassing.

The next day, Hikage warns Hinata again about cutting back on magazines. With Hinata questioning if she's giving all supplements, Hikage reveals that she can't do much with ten or twenty pencil boards she has. While Hinata screams, Hikage continues that it's all that ever comes with the genre of magazines she buys.



  • The Comptiq magazines have covers of the Miyakawa-ke no Kufuku series (see picture right).

    The Comptiq magazines with Miyakawa-ke no Kufuku covers.

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