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Valentine Kiss 9
Aimai Net Darling 8
Cha-La Head Cha-La 7
Space Ironmen Kyodain 6
Monkey Magic 5
Doraemon's Song 5
Sailor Fuku and Machine Gun 4
Radio Lucky Channel Opening Theme: Aimai Net Darling 4
My Forgotten Thing 3
Minoru's Legend of Love 3
That's Love,Right? 3
Go! Godman 3
I'm Proud 3
I Like You Just the Way You Are (Chapter) 2
Kaolin's Theme 1
It's A Victory,Akumaizer 3! 1
Psychological Warfare (Chapter) 1
Imaginary Train (Chapter) 1
Purity (Chapter) 1
Don't Give Up Until It's Over (Chapter) 1
The Instant of Change (Chapter) 0
Sailor Fuku 0
Rough Seas (Chapter) 0
Top Form Today Too (Chapter) 0
Undaunted (Chapter) 0
Voice of the Heart (Chapter) 0
A Placid Early Afternoon (Chapter) 0
Land Mines (Chapter) 0
Momentum (Chapter) 0
Lucky Star Wiki/Heading 0
Advance & Retreat, Offense & Defense (Chapter) 0
Ideals and Reality (Chapter) 0
How A Man Should Live 0
Firing up the Brain Cells (Chapter) 0
Embraced by the Wintry Wind 0
Desperate (Chapter) 0
Bork 0
Blind to Inconveniences (Chapter) 0
After the Dream (Chapter) 0
Work Towards the Goal (Chapter) 0
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