Stamp Your Little Foot
Strip Information
BookLucky Star volume 5
Chapter134 - Loved One
Page Number046
Original ReleaseComptiq, August 2007
Previous StripCornered
Next StripThat's How You Are


Following a similar storyline to Cornered; Kagami is leaving her classroom during lunch, when Misao yells out and asks Kagami to bring her back a sandwich. Kagami responds by stopping and asking Misao if she's "...doing that again." Misao challenges Kagami to rock, paper, scissors again to figure out which one of them should be tasked with going out to get Misao's sandwich and, (as we find out) Kagami's drink. Kagami wins the contests and a surprised Misao is speechless before she says that " was best two-out-of-three!" Kagami then mutters that Misao is really something (Kagami, however, tapers of before saying what she really thinks Misao is.)




  • Rock, Paper, Scissors is a very popular way to settle small or petty decisions in Japan.