Strip Information
Book Lucky Star volume 5
Chapter 135 - Inevitable 2
Page Number 051
Original Release Comptiq, August 2007 Issue
Previous Strip The point that Irritates
Next Strip Mutual Understanding


Temperament focuses on Fuyuki Amahara and Hikaru Sakuraba. It continues on with an idea that was laid in The Point that Irritates, where Nanako Kuroi and Hikaru have a discussion about how their parents are putting pressure on both of them to marry. It this strip, Hikaru (jokingly, in her own blunt way) asks Fuyuki to marry her. Fuyuki then reveals that this is not the first time that Hikaru has done this (purportedly it's the fourth). She then suggest to Hikaru that she should try that on the opposite gender once in while, to which Hikaru responds by saying that men don't want to take care of her in the way she needs.


(For Hikaru Sakuraba character example)
Hikaru (Opening door to Fuyuki's office): Yo

Fuyuki: Ah, Sakuraba-Sensei. Are you here to ruin my day?

Hikaru: Say Fuyuki...

Fuyuki (Straightening a bed): What is it? You're not allowed to fake illnesses, you know. Also, when we're in school, use "sensei" after my name.

Hikaru: Marry Me.

Fuyuki (Sweatdropping): Personally, I think you should use those words on the opposite sex once in a while. This makes the fourth time you've asked me.

Hikaru (Sitting on bed): It's just that men don't seem anxious to look after me in the way I need.


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