That Feeling

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That Feeling
Episode10 Cake.jpg

The girls eating cake at the buffet.
Episode 9
Air Date June 3, 2007
Previous Episode Energetic Despite Not Being Myself
Next Episode Desires
Lucky Star Episode

That Feeling is the ninth episode of the Lucky Star anime.


Main Plot

Mid-term exams are arriving, though Konata cannot seem to get into the practice of studying, and instead, reverts to slacking off, while having fun playing games. Konata tries to ask her friends about good study habits, but in the end, she does bad on her tests. When the girls get to school, they talk about what blood type they have and what type of games they play. Tsukasa got help from her sister and this time got better scores, but Kagami's scores were still higher, despite her own scores going down somewhat. Later, Konata and the Hiiragi twins go see a movie and they also go to a cake café, but end up taking too much and must finish it all or pay extra. Miyuki needs to put in her eye drops, but she flinches too much and gets Konata to "help" her.

Lucky Channel

In Lucky Channel, Minoru re-introduces Tsukasa Hiiragi, whom Akira compared to Kamigishi Akari. When Minoru admits that Tsukasa has some idol qualities, Akira hits him in the head with an ashtray. She then goes on to teach Minoru how to have his pictures taken like a true idol.

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