The Face that Comes to Mind
Strip Information
BookLucky Star volume 5
ChapterAgreement and Enthusiasm
Page Number069
Original ReleaseComptiq, October 2007
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Many of the Hiiragi household's residents come to Matsuri asking if she has seen various objects they are missing. First Miki comes in and asks if Matsuri has borrowed her foundation, to which Matsuri replies she hasn't. Next Inori comes in and and asks if Matsuri has taken her coat, and she responds by saying that she hasn't seen it. Kagami next comes in and asks in Matsuri has eaten her Pocky sticks, to which Matsuri responds to by saying that she hasn't eaten anything of Kagami's. Finally, Tsukasa then comes in and she never gets to ask about her item as Matsuri grabs her cheeks and asks what her family suspects her of this time.