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The Girl who Dashes Off
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Konata eating her Chocolate Cornet.
Episode 1
Air Date April 8, 2007
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Lucky Star Episode

The Girl who Dashes Off is the first episode of the Lucky Star anime.

Episode Summary

Main Plot

The episode begins with an adaptation of the manga strip of the same name, which takes place during P.E. class. Afterwards, during lunch break in their classroom, Konata and Tsukasa discuss chocolate cornets, and Miyuki later joins in the conversation, which is expanded considerably from its four strips in the manga to include other foods. Tsukasa's sister Kagami is introduced on the walk home from school at the end of the day. The next day, Konata's class get their exam results back. Miyuki, a top achiever, describes her own clumsiness in everyday situations, and even demonstrates it by hitting her head on a sign without seeing, with Konata and Tsukasa in full view of the incident.

On another day, Kagami falls ill and fails to attend school as a result. Konata visits her at home to cheer her up, but then tries to copy her homework, which ticks off Kagami. Miyuki visits the next day, bringing flowers for Kagami as well as the notes she missed from school. After Kagami recovers to attend school again, Konata notices that Kagami always goes to Konata's class to hang out during lunch. Kagami then asks how Konata became friends with Tsukasa, before the conversation becomes food-related again.

Lucky Channel

Akira Kogami and Minoru Shiraishi are introduced, When a letter sender asks Akira how much an idol is usually paid, Akira's cutesy persona melts away and starts openly complaining about the fact that her checks are still processed the same way back when she debuted as a child actress. Akira's manager and parents seem to skim off the major part of the pay, leaving her with a paltry allowance.



  • The newspaper article Kagami was reading is taken from the Yasuyoshi Kobayashi case. Kobayashi kidnapped and held a girl in confinement with a dog leash on her. He confessed to wanting to keep her as his slave. His nickname among some people was "Kobayashi Ouji", due to his good looks. Online, he is known as the "Confining Prince".
  • A parody of Guile from Street Fighter II appears in the "Strange Foreigner" scenario that shows Konata beating the latter up using Ryu's moves to save Tsukasa.
  • The ending theme in the Karaoke Bar that is sung by Konata is the opening theme of the 1970's tokusatsu series Uchuu Tetsujin Kyodain (eng:Space Ironmen Kyodain).