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Under One Roof
Yutaka Episode14.jpg
Yutaka introducing herself.
Episode 14
Air Date July 8, 2007
Previous Episode Delicious Day
Next Episode I Can't Suddenly Change
Lucky Star Episode

Under One Roof is the fourteenth episode of the Lucky Star anime.

Plot Summary

Main Story

In expectation of being accepted to Ryōō High School, Yutaka moves to Konata's house. Yutaka is very nervous about the entrance exams, but a strange girl helps her calm down. They meet again at the school and find they were both accepted. Kagami complains about how annoying cram school calls can be and Miyuki explains that you can use caller ID to spot the calls. Kagami goes home and realizes that she does not have caller ID. When Miyuki comes home, she finds her mom having a lively conversation with someone on the phone, only to find out it was a telemarketer. Konata and the Hiiragi twins are back at the anime shop and Konata is upset because there is a new item available, but she does not have enough points to get it because she bought something else the other day.

Konata and the Hiiragi twins also go to a restaurant and discuss why restrooms are usually located near the smoking section. Konata, her dad, and Yutaka watch the news about elementary children being targeted. The Hiiragi twins come over and discuss uniforms and traditions—such as the practice of getting something from the person you like—at their old schools with Konata and Yutaka. Yui comes over and wants to party, but the girls are under age for the things she wanted to do. Later, Konata calls Kagami to sympathize with her about the pressures of being a big sister, and notes that her cousin, Yui, doesn't set a good example for her at all.

Lucky Channel

Akira complains about recording only one line for the show, and she was not even shown. She tries to get the audience to help her get a bigger part. Minoru is told by the producer to stop Akira because time is almost up, but Akira ends up yelling at Minoru.


  • During the credits, it featured Minoru Shiraishi on the edge of the sea singing Hare Hare Yukai while performing martial arts. His cry of "Miyagi-san" is a reference to The Karate Kid.