Lucky Star Wiki

About me

I was a user on the Lucky Star wiki beginning in 2010, when I began to learn about the Lucky Start series. I quickly took to editing pages, to update them with the information from new books and contributing to making new pages to new characters being introduced

My personal accomplishments on the wiki include:

  • Utilizing the infobox system to create multiple boxes for a the different kinds of pages we have here.
  • Capturing multiple images for use in pages, so that each pages content can be supplemented by visual references.
  • Multitudes of edits adding content to many of the pages wiki-wide

Around the beginning of 2012, I discovered that the wiki's founder had discontinued their regular checking up of the wiki and moved to take position of its owner.

Unfortunately, I took position of a new job around the same time, and have been unable to contributing as regularly. I do however, keep track of the edits on the wiki to make sure that pages aren't getting vandalized.

Anyone looking to make a difference can contact me via my talk page, or can start contributing right away on the front page by click any of the links involving expanding articles.

Current Priorities (On the Wiki)

  1. Waiting for the ninth volume of the manga. When it comes across, new pages will need to be made and information will need to be added/edited according to any new material we get.
  2. Finding the time to make more contributions to the site