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Various Ways to Spend Christmas Eve
Drunken Yui.jpg
Yui arrives drunk at the Izumi House.
Episode 11
Air Date June 17, 2007
Previous Episode Desires
Next Episode Let's Go to the Festival
Lucky Star Episode

Various Ways to Spend Christmas Eve is the eleventh episode of the Lucky Star anime.

Plot Summary

Main Story

The end of the year is drawing close, and that means Christmas is right around the corner. They get on the topic of how sometimes when they get sleepy on a bus, they sometimes tend to lean on the person next to them. Whenever Konata gets on her bus, she gets sleepy and falls asleep a few times on the shoulder of the person next to her. She realizes that she got off the stop before, but whenever she tries to go back to her seat, someone took it and Konata is forced to stand up. At school, Kagami is annoyed that she didn't get much studying done, but Konata is proud about how many hours she studied. Whenever Miyuki asks how many hours they studied, it turns out that both studied for four hours.

Tsukasa talks with Konata and Miyuki on when they stopped believing in Santa Claus, and gets vastly different responses. Kagami notices that she goes to Tsukasa's class a little too much and Miyuki and Tsukasa talk about dentist and cavities again. Yui visits Konata and they discuss about a detective show. The girls also talk about how a Christmas cake can seem like a regular cake after the age of twenty-five. Before the winter break from school begins, Konata and her friends must go through a round of final exams, though Konata does not fare as well as she would have liked. She takes a look at Miyuki's grades and is jealous of losing, not of her grades, but her bust size. Nanako purchases a Christmas cake and Konata and Kagami visit the anime shop again. On Christmas Eve, Konata's dad is upset whenever Konata is late to coming home, but is suddenly overcome by joy whenever she brings him a present. Yui comes to visit them drunk but is excited that her husband was waiting for her at her house. Konata logs onto her online game to find her teacher already on. The next morning, the girls discuss about static electricity by touching the door handles and Konata's dad is having fun shocking himself at home. The episode ends with Nanako buying old Christmas cookies, as she is walking home she is telling them they are not left overs.

Lucky Channel

Akira announces that she will appear in the next episode of Lucky Star. When she is done, she answers some of her fans questions but when she found Minoru Shiraishi with a spoon and an yogurt she started slapping him and forgot all about her fan mail.