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Yamato Nagamori (永森 やまと, Nagamori Yamato) is the central character of Lucky Star: Ryōō Gakuen Ōtōsai, the PlayStation 2 game of Lucky Star. A mysterious transfer student who transfer along with the protagonist in the game, her former school is Saint Fiorina All-Girls High School. She was in class 2-3 before she transferred to 3-B, the same class as Konata.


She acts emotionless and mysterious, giving her a typical tsuntsun personality. She was 's close friend when she was still a junior-high student. Her hobby is karaoke. She likes soft azuki bean jelly, Yukimi Daifuku and summer. She dislikes shellfish and winter.


Before the timeline of the game, Yamato was involved in a spaceship accident caused by Ryōō school festival. Wanting to prevent the spaceship accident from happening and to save Yamato's life, the alien in the spaceship fuses herself with Yamato and reverse the time several days before the school festival, and after telling the protagonist the reason behind the time loop and time reverse. She hopes for the protagonist to find ways to erase possible events in the school festival that would lead to the spaceship accident, with the experiences from her déjà-vu.

After erasing the events, Yamato reveals her identity as an alien. She leaves Yamato's body and erases everyone's memory about the whole incident. Yamato is presumed to resume her true identity and returns to Saint Fiorina All-Girls High School. In the manga, Yamato retains some alien powers such as ESP and projecting thought, though she's clueless as to why she can.