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Yutaka is Yutaka because of Minami, Hiyori
Strip Information
Book Lucky Star volume 7
Chapter 217
Page Number 124
Original Release Comptiq, October 2009
Previous Strip A New Door
Next Strip True Face

Yutaka is Yutaka because of Minami, Hiyori is a chapter in the 7th volume of Lucky Star consisting of a single manga strip not drawn in the standard four-panel (yonkoma) format seen throughout the series. It is anachronistic to the volume due to the main characters still being in Ryōō High School - they had graduated in chapter 169, volume 6.


One day in class, Yutaka happily tells Minami and Hiyori that she wants to do the long-distance run on sports day, having practised with Konata at home. Hiyori replies with her admiration, stating that she planned to take the day off, but also reminds Yutaka of the running distance. Minami offers to run with Yutaka, but this time, Yutaka exclaims her refusal, saying that Minami should compete seriously. Yutaka had eavesdropped on a previous conversation Minami had with their gym teacher. Minami maintains that she isn't worried about her grades.

Yutaka refuses again, and walks away, reminding Minami to do her best. Several days later, Minami worries about whether she got too close to Yutaka and is no longer being liked by her. Hiyori says Minami is overthinking, and gives her opinion on the situation. She says Yutaka wants to determine the terms of her friendship by not being carried all the time. Hiyori asks Minami how she would have reacted herself, and Minami realizes that she's been selfish.

On the day of the run, Konata, Kagami and Miyuki greet Minami at the starting line. After the four of them complete the run, Minami suddenly apologizes, and hurries back towards Yutaka, who is still trying to complete the run but is limping, exhausted. Yutaka's thoughts overwhelm her and she almost cries, but suddenly sees Minami shouting encouragements in the distance. Yutaka wonders why Minami is there, but suddenly sees the ribbon on Minami's T-shirt meaning that Minami had won the run. Yutaka gulps and hurries towards the finish line. She ends up flat on her back gasping for air.

Minami congratulates Yutaka for completing the run, and at the same time, Hiyori completes the run gasping for air as well. Yutaka looks up to Minami and apologizes, then says thanks with a smile, which Minami returns with her own smile. Hiyori compliments Minami and Yutaka for being true to their words, and laughs that she's jealous. Hiyori notices Minami about to laugh again, and asks what it was. Minami says it was nothing, and thanks Hiyori. Hiyori replies nervously.

Meanwhile, it is revealed that Konata lost the bet with her father by failing to beat Minami at the run, and Kagami says it was no surprise. Konata then notices Yutaka, Minami and Hiyori smiling at each other, to which Kagami also agrees that it can't be beat.